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Using the Continental Grip to Hit a Volley Shot in Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball Coach Jerry Jaffe

Jerry Jaffe

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In this video, coach Jerry Jaffee reviews the volley. A volley is basically taking any ball out of the air. In pickleball, you’re not allowed to touch the kitchen line or go into the kitchen area or the non-volley zone and take the ball out of the air. What you’re allowed to do is step in and hit the ball if it bounces, then step back out so that somebody doesn’t tag you with a ball while you’re still in there. You can also reach in and hit a volley that way.  

The easiest grip to use on the volley is the continental grip. The reason for using this grip is that you can hit a forehand and you can turn the paddle to the other side and hit a backhand with a strong wrist. When preparing to hit a volley, you want to think of that ball coming at your chest and have your paddle out in front of you. With the continental grip, you’ll take the paddle head and turn it up a little bit so your wrist is locked. Then when the ball is coming at you, you’re going to reach out and basically block the ball with the paddle.  

The last part of the volley technique that you want to think about is making sure that you squeeze the paddle tighter on impact. When you’re doing the short ball or dinks, you should have a more relaxed hand. On the volley, you want to avoid the paddle turning too much in your hand. 

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