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How to Hit a Pickleball Attack Shot Off a Volley

Celebrated pickleball coach Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

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Airborne attack techniques are critical when attacking balls out of the air before they’ve bounced. In the middle of a kitchen rally, if your opponents can take it out of the air, that is designated as a fantastic ball to attack. There are really only two basic attacks when the ball is out of the air; if it’s below the net you want to be able to hit it hard or hit topspin. 

If you can take the ball out of the air down below your waist, that’s called a topspin attack. You can get away with that even when the ball is below the net. Another attack out of the air is called the spank or slap attack. It’s really a formless attack and anyone’s technique on this attack would be considered correct. It’s a formless slap when the ball hangs up too high.  

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