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The Differences Between a Dink and a Drive in Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball Coach Jerry Jaffe

Jerry Jaffe

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This video reviews the drive forehand. It’s important to understand the differences between a dink and a drive. If you’re up at the kitchen line and you’re going to dink, you should have your paddle out in front of you as you’re trying to get under the ball to lift it. When you’re further back, your approach will change because you have the ability to rotate and drive the ball. 

The first step you want to take on a drive forehand is to rotate your shoulders. As you rotate your shoulders, it allows you to get the tip of the paddle facing the back of the court. From this position, you’re going to drive, moving to get where you can step into the ball. The key is to swing from the shoulder, making contact out in front and trying to extend through. You always want the paddle to go in the direction you want the ball to go. 

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