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Drop Shot Technique for Left-Handed Players in Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball Coach Jerry Jaffe

Jerry Jaffe

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If you’re a left-handed pickleball player, follow these steps when executing a backhand shot. Step toward the pickleball using your left foot and swing the paddle from low to high. It’s important to use your shoulder, rather than your wrist or elbow, so you can hit the ball with greater control and consistency. This arm position also allows you to contact the ball in front of your body so you can easily lift the ball and drop it into your opponent’s kitchen. 

To practice this technique, get a coach or partner to hit shots to your backhand. Step toward the ball with your left leg and, using a down to upward path with the paddle, work on hitting drop shots into your opponent’s kitchen. 

Right-handed players will use the reverse approach, stepping with their right foot and swinging with their right arm. 

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