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Practice Plan

Third Shot Options

Kyle Whatnall

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  1. Known as the most important shot in pickleball, the third shot provides a limited number of options, therefore mastering those options is essential.
  2. Mastering an effective third shot can take time for beginners because it can be frustrating to miss and end a point early.
  3. Overhitting a third shot is better than under-hitting it into the net because there is a chance your opponents will hit back and continue the rally. Hitting into the net is the only guaranteed scenario for a point to be over immediately.

Session Duration

60 minutes

Table of Contents

Suggested practice times.

Learn the Around the Horn Pickleball Drill

15 minutes – suggested practice time

This drill will help you to master third shot drops from all distances and angles.

Master the Two Shot Pickleball Drill

15 minutes – suggested practice time

Master the selection between a third shot drop and drive, as well as how to switch to a touch shot immediately after a powerful drive.

How to Hit a Third Shot Topspin Lob in Pickleball

15 minutes – suggested practice time

An advanced shot, the third shot lob can surprise your opponents after utilizing many consistent drops and drives in a match.

Skinny Singles

15 minutes – suggested practice time

Incorporate all third shot options (drops, drives, lobs) in a game of skinny singles against your drilling partner.