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Practice Plan


Kyle Whatnall

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  1. A lob is an offensive weapon to retreat your opponents back to the baseline, as well as to force them to hit a shot on the move.
  2. Hitting an effective lob consistently is a difficult skill as one must hit it high enough to not be struck with an overhead while also soft enough to land within the baseline.
  3. As an advanced shot, learning an effective lob takes time and will not be mastered on the first day.

Session Duration

60 minutes

Table of Contents

Suggested practice times.

A Simple Warm Up Pickleball Drill for Footwork

15 minutes – suggested practice time

Begin the session with this warm-up dinking drill.

Practice Pickleball Dinks With This Avoidance Drill

15 minutes – suggested practice time

Move your dinks around the kitchen to set yourself up with a ball to attack.

When to Use the Lob Shot in Pickleball

15 minutes – suggested practice time

Utilize this drill to recognize which airborne balls are attackable with a lob versus which are attackable with a speed up straight ahead.

Learn an Aggressive Pickleball Lob Drill

15 minutes – suggested practice time

This drill works on both executing an offensive lob, as well as how to defensively recover when you have been lobbed.