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Playing Shots from Mid-Court (No Man’s Land) in Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball coach Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson

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No Man’s Land is a dangerous area because it’s the place on the court where your opponent can hit the ball down at your feet. To return the ball, you’ll be forced to get low and hit up on the ball to clear the net, giving your opponent an opportunity to play an overhead smash. To avoid this scenario, it’s important to learn how to handle shots in No Man’s Land (also called the Transition Area). 

When preparing to return a shot, be sure to stop before hitting the ball. If you run through it, your body may pass the ball and you won’t have as much control in that position. Instead, get to the spot where you want to play the ball, stop, then hit your shot. This approach gives you the best opportunity to hit an accurate shot. Use the two drills shown in the video for tips on practicing drop and ground stroke shots. 

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