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Learn a Left-Handed Pickleball Serve

The Art of Pickleball Coach Jerry Jaffe

Jerry Jaffe

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In this video, coach Jerry Jaffee gives one-on-one instructions to left-handed players on the proper fundamentals of serving, offering advice on stance, body positioning and mechanics. Proper mechanics and positioning enables you to set your paddle on a full swing path extending towards your target. It is also important to limit excess hand and wrist movements and, instead, use your core, shoulders and arm to create the proper swing.

By practicing the correct fundamentals, you can execute a consistent, repeatable serving technique that gives you more control on ball placement and avoids service errors. Unlike other racquet sports such as tennis, the goal of the pickleball serve is not to ace your opponent. Rather, pickleball players of all levels should focus on taking the net out of play, serving the ball deep past the kitchen line and “pinning” the returner back near the baseline. This makes it more difficult for your opponent to advance to the kitchen line on their return of serve.

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