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How to Play a Cross-Court Switch Drill in Pickleball

Celebrated pickleball coach Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

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The drill in this video is called the switch drill. It’s called the switch drill because too often in pickleball, players think that the only place to dink the ball is cross-court. What happens here is two players will engage in a cross-court dink rally and one of the players will call out in advance when they’re going to switch directions and go down the line.  

Once a player goes down the line, both players switch positions and the cross-court rally continues. The two players will continue cross-court until one player calls a switch, which means their partner will run to the other side and get their down-the-line dink, and then the cross-courts will continue again. After you do that for a while, it’s your partner’s turn to call the switch.  

It’s very important to be good at this drill because it forces you to not only dink cross-court but to change directions and go down the line as well.  

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