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Hitting a Forehand Attack Shot Off a Bounced Ball in Pickleball

Celebrated pickleball coach Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

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An attack off a bounced ball is done when you see that your opponent’s dink bounces just a little bit higher and you don’t have to hit your return on an upward trajectory to get it over the net. So when you see a low dink, a net skimming dink, a low bouncing dink, and all of a sudden their dink bounces up a little higher, that’s your signal to attack that ball.  Attacking off a bounced ball isn’t determined by when you feel like it or when you want to go on the offensive. It is determined by when the opportunity is available. Honing the ability to identify every dink that bounces high enough to hit a flat return and then capitalizing on every opportunity by hitting aggressive, hard shots is key to advancing your game.

In terms of technique, the most important aspect of attacking a ball off the bounce is to make sure that you’re using the exact same form as your dink. If you are able to disguise your attack by using the same motion as a dink, you’ll keep your opponent off balance and hit more winners. Overall, there is not one universal style of pickleball shots. Each individual person has their own shot motion.  If your dink is short and compact, your attack should be the same: Short and compact.

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