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Hitting a Forehand Attack Shot Off a Bounced Ball in Pickleball

Celebrated pickleball coach Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson

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Technically, the most important aspect of attacking a balanced ball is to make sure that you’re using the exact same form as your dink. You should memorize your own dink, know your style on your dink, and make your attack look like a dink. Overall, there is not a specific style of pickleball. Each individual person has their own style of playing the game. 

For instance, if your dink is short and small, your attack should be short and small. Technically, that’s the most important thing for a balanced attack. The balanced attack is not done when you feel like it. The balanced attack is done when you see that your opponent’s dink is bouncing just a little bit too high. So when you see a low dink, a net skimming dink, a low bouncing dink, and all of a sudden their dink bounces up a little higher, that’s your signal to attack that ball.