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How to Hit a Forehand Return in Pickleball

Art of Pickleball coach Gee Gee Garvin

Gee Gee Garvin

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This video reviews return techniques utilizing your forehand. There are actually two techniques you can choose to use on a forehand return. You can either hit a flat shot or you can chip it. It’s up to your preference and how comfortable you feel. 

Similar to a backhand return, you’re going to take the paddle back as far as your shoulder, step with your front foot, slice through the ball, and follow through on the shot toward your target. If you decide to go with a flat shot, you’re going to hit it flatter at contact and you’re going to bring your paddle up and over to lift the ball up and over the net.  

You want to have the ball go as deep as you can, but power is not the objective. Hitting the ball with too much power won’t give you enough time to get to the kitchen line. Your goal is to chip the return and start running to the kitchen as fast as you can. This puts the pressure on the serving team. 

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