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Ground Stroke Forehand Technique in Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball coach Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson

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When hitting a forehand ground stroke in pickleball, proper technique is crucial for hitting a shot that has the proper speed, direction and trajectory. Start with a backswing that gets the paddle all the way behind your body. The paddle head should be angled down lower than your hand. Next, step forward with the foot that is opposite your swinging arm as you shift your weight forward. Swing through with your paddle parallel to the ground from low to high using a long extension, opening your hips as you turn. Your arm should wrap all the way around your head on the follow through, finishing with your elbow bent and facing forward away from your body. 

To practice the forehand technique, hit ground strokes to a partner across the net as you focus on using the proper footwork, arm work and body movement. 

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