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Foam Rolling Hacks for Pickleball Players

Dr. Cynthia Boccara

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Today, we’re exploring the world of DIY foam rolling, guided by the expertise of Dr. Cynthia Boccara. While traditional foam rollers are effective, Dr. C shares some creative hacks that you can use for muscle recovery, especially when a foam roller isn’t handy.

Tennis, Lacrosse or “Pinky” balls for Targeted Pressure

“A tennis, lacrosse or Pinky ball can be used for a deep pressure massage on specific areas,” Dr. Boccara explains. These balls are perfect for targeting your shoulders, hips, and feet, providing focused relief where you need it most. Place the ball under the targeted area and gently roll to alleviate tension.

PVC Pipe: A Sturdy Foam Roller Alternative

Dr. Boccara suggests using a PVC pipe for a firmer rolling experience. “A PVC pipe is excellent for deeper muscle penetration, especially for larger muscle groups that require more pressure.” Its rigidity makes it effective for breaking down tight knots and enhancing muscle recovery. Be gentle and don’t bruise yourself!

Rolled-Up Towels for Gentle Relief

For those who need a softer touch, Dr. Boccara recommends rolled-up towels. “Towels can be adjusted for thickness and softness, providing a customizable rolling experience.” This approach is particularly beneficial for sensitive areas like the neck and lower back.

Dr. Boccara emphasizes the importance of being creative and resourceful in recovery practices. Whether using a tennis ball, a PVC pipe, or a towel, these DIY solutions ensure you can maintain your muscle health and flexibility effectively.

With these affordable and accessible alternatives, your recovery routine can remain consistent and adaptable, keeping you in top form for your pickleball matches.

Stay tuned for more invaluable insights from Dr. Cynthia Boccara. Keep rolling and playing your best game!