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Essential Strategies for a Pickleball Lob Shot

Jerry Jayapal

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How high should your lob be? Ideally, your lob should not be super high. You want it to get a bit of loft to get it over your opponent, depending on how tall they are, but you don’t want to hit it too high because the wind can affect it and it also gives your opponent more time to react to the ball. 

Where do you lob the ball? A great place to lob the ball is over your opponent’s back shoulder because it would force them to hit it on their backhand. Hitting it over their back shoulder makes it a tougher shot for them to hit rather than hitting it to their forehand where they can hit an overhead. 

Another tip is that when you’re on the third shot and you’re at the baseline, you have three options – drive, drop, or lob. Even though you can hit a lob, a lob from the baseline is the least ideal option. 

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